Mother. Tree-hugger. Activist. Gamer. Wanna-be celebrity chef and photographer.

Hi! I’m Maria, and as of March 2010, I am a Westside Mama. My family relocated from Orange County, first to two temporary houses in Venice, then to our new home in Mar Vista (where we hope to stay for a very long time because, frankly, moving sucks).

I am a stay-at-home mom to an overly energetic toddler named Ethan. He drives me crazy. If it’s one thing I didn’t expect from becoming a parent, it’s finding out just how short my fuse really is. Honestly, I developed anger management issues since my son was born! I don’t shy away from posting “negative” aspects of parenting – it’s not a flawless love story. My son means the world to me, but he can still piss me off whenever he throws a tantrum – and having to spend almost all day, every day alone with him, venting on the Internet can be very, very helpful.

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